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About emailing without humans
For the past 15 years, we have been analyzing user behavior patterns and applying the conclusions reached to build and develop email communications with the subscribers of our numerous and diversely themed websites. Our team has gained ample experience in developing and applying successful strategies of user engagement and retention. We know how to create valuable products and how to make sure we communicate their value to our users.
However, at one point, we had to admit: no matter how qualified the marketers of our team were, we were trying to bite more than we could chew. With our projects so numerous, how would we ever manage to find enough human resources for each? How could we quickly and effectively solve issues and answer pressing questions like “What should we send our subscribers? At what time? With what frequency?” Moreover, we had collected a great volume of subscriber data that we, humans, could scarcely fathom.
Through trial and error, we came to realize that granular segmentation enables us to provide each subscriber with an offer so well-timed and appropriate that they are extremely unlikely to refuse it. Relevant in every respect, such offers resonate with users and unfailingly stimulate an active response, which improves the overall campaign performance.
We also realized that such level of granularity could only be achieved by applying AI technologies to our email marketing efforts. AI does not need humans to decide which content suits each individual user best and how often it should be sent. It can do more than simply build email campaigns for each of the numerous audience segments - AI can develop and carry out personalized communications with individual subscribers, each with its own frequency and content.
We understood that AI was essential. And that we had to tame it.
Meet XR - an AI-powered platform!
Machine learning algorithms create a personal calendar of communication for each subscriber with a personal frequency and content plan focused on getting maximum possible actions and LTV.
Simply put, a standard subscriber communication scheme is as follows:
A user subscribes
on the website
His/her information
is received by the XR AI
Loyal, active subscriber
The AI decides what should be sent, chooses the optimal channel and frequency, and creates a personal communications calendar for each subscriber to achieve maximum possible engagement and website visits.
Inbox placement
Reducing costs of manual work
Revenue growth
XR charges for click
XR is best suited for companies that have:
A wealth of content
lots of manual work
numerous subscriber
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Ai-strategy implementation
Step 4
Performance evaluation
You can watch a video presentation and see how the solution works here.
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