INBOX PLACEMENT - Improve your inbox deliverability

In this presentation, we provide tips on how to improve each element of your email program in order to find and fix the cause of your deliverability issues, increase your Inbox placement and open rates, and drive more revenue with the help of ML algorithms.
In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a priority. No email marketer wants their emails to end up in the spam folder. But despite all the best efforts, emails do sometimes end up in the spam folder, even if they have clear subject lines, great designs, a perfect ratio of live text to images, and a regular send pattern. In our presentation, we give recommendations on how to avoid such issues. Scroll and enjoy!
Inbox placement
Business solution
Understanding inbox placement
AI algorithms
Subscriber engagement
What does engagement mean
Strong relationship
AI algorithms take decisions
Case study 1
Case study 1.1
Case study 2
Case study 3
Case study 4
Case study 4.1
AI algorithms work

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