Artem Kukharenko
The founder of iAge Technologies. Artem has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing automation. He is in charge of AI algorithm development and implementation for successful communication, and building long-term user trust and customer loyalty.
Tatyana Murzova
Vice President
Tatyana leads the efforts to maximise client satisfaction, and makes sure that we keep the highest standards of service.
Denis Uspenskiy
Head of Machine Learning
Denis makes all the significant decisions concerning the company’s technological interests, and ensures that iAge Technologies stays on top of the technology trends and developments.
Sergei Dubograev
Vice President
A seasoned leader in business growth, technology/product implementation and strategic partnerships.. Virginia Tech alumni and heavily involved with investor networks in the mid Atlantic region.
Faruk Aydin
Head of Growth
With over a decade’s experience in client service and business development, Faruk helps us boost customer experience, stimulate business growth and increase revenues.
Ozgur Tekin
Senior Client Success Manager
Oz has almost a decade experience in client success. An email geek - particularly interested in email deliverability and campaign management. A passionate basketball player and gamer.
Nick Mitu
Board Member
Nick works with our management team directly and supports our company’s business development with his expertise in startup/VC expertise.