XR Email Marketing Software

Modern email marketers' robust tool with AI-powered features

Create personalised and responsive messages that talk to your customers

XR allows you to utilise all data about your customers to create personalised and relevant messages through dynamic content elements. Treat your customers as individuals and make them feel valuable by delivering tailored messages that they want to read.

Engage your subscribers with
the right content at the right time using
machine learning algorithms

XR constantly monitors each subscriber’s personal preferences, unique tastes, interests, and behavior on a large scale. Machine learning algorithms perform continuous A/B testing without human error to determine which combination of subject line, message template, text, image and CTA works best. XR sends each email with optimised send-time and frequency for each subscriber.

Convert more by optimising your
customer journey and increasing
lifetime value

Machine learning algorithms decide which individual content sequence should be activated based on your customers' engagement patterns. XR can optimise their customer journey by applying strategies including reactivation, retention, x-selling and more. Using behavioral data and statistical analysis, XR allows you predict lifetime value and helps you repeat conversions.

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Subscriber data management got easier

You acquire your subscribers from various sources with plenty of data fields about them. As you interact more with them along the way, the big chunks of data only grow more. At some point, it becomes confusing and out of control. It takes a lot of manual work to manage your data which becomes even more frustrating.

Let machines take over the boring part and organise your subscriber data:

XR helps you aggregate all data points about your customers in one place.
Using machine learning algorithms, without any manual effort, the data is segregated into clusters and divided into similar groups or personas.
Finally, you can make use of your customer data to send relevant and personalised messages.

Personalised communication with each subscriber for a valuable inbox experience

Using AI capabilities, XR creates a unique profile for each subscriber. You can automate your communication with your audience by delivering individually-personalized messages at scale, no matter how large your subscriber base is.
Segment of One
On XR, each profile becomes a new segment. An individual communication sequence and schedule can be selected according to your customers' wants, needs and preferences.
Win your customers' hearts and minds with real-time personalisation
Send automated behavior-triggered emails and interact with your customers in real-time about your products or services.
Continuous A/B testing
XR seeks the best performing combination of subject line, text, template design and CTA for each subscriber to maximise email marketing performance.
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Customer lifetime value prediction

XR helps you meet your customers’ expectations to make them become loyal customers, and stay with your brand for a longer time. By leveraging behavioral and transactional data along with machine learning algorithms, XR can predict lifetime value for each subscriber. XR lets you understand the digital body language of your customers, and you can focus on them with the right strategy whether they are one-time buyers or VIP customers.
Actively manage subscriber churn
XR understands and lets you know about the fading behavior of your subscribers. Using historical data, XR predicts attrition and helps you lower the churn.
Prioritise best performing channels and spend your budget wisely
XR allows you to see which acquisition channels deliver the highest lifetime value to customers.
Optimise customer journey and win back your subscribers
Leveraging powerful computational algorithms, XR helps you scale and optimise the customer experience at every stage.

XR send-time and frequency optimisation:
Don't let your emails get buried in your subscribers' inbox.

XR leaves no space for "the best guess" when it comes to sending time: It is impossible for humans to estimate the best sending time for each subscriber at a scale but machines can do it. Based on the individual patterns and historical data, machine learning algorithms can make your emails stand out by delivering them at the right time.
Individual message calendar for each subscriber: Sending too many messages may overwhelm your subscribers while sending very few may cause them to forget about your brand. XR helps you find the sweet spot by optimising the message frequency according to the level of engagement for each subscriber.

Built-in deliverability tools with AI capabilities to make sure that your messages land in your subscribers' inbox

Maintaining a good email deliverability while scaling up your volume requires all good practices in place. XR keeps an eye on your list hygiene,
sending domain and IP reputation, subscriber engagement and more. Together with our deliverability experts, XR works on deliverability at several levels:

The human touch: Work with your dedicated customer success manager

You can forget about annoying ticketing systems and long call center queues. At XR, you can contact your dedicated customer success manager via email, phone and Skype. We will help you reach your marketing goals, and scale up your business by providing actionable insights.
Easy & fast configuration
You don't need to have any technical knowledge to get started with XR. We will guide you at each step and customise your account according to your needs.
Free transition support
If you switch from another email marketing software to XR, you can count on our support for a seamless migration without any confusion or data loss.
Professional onboarding
Once we start working together, we will provide tutorials for your team and make you email marketing super stars on XR.
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