iAge Technologies Inc., the leading AI-powered Email Marketing solution, accelerates revenues from email channel for dynamic marketing teams. We use machine learning algorithms guided by seasoned experts to step up your game. Our Human+AI framework do the work for you from marketing strategy to execution so that you can save time for things that matter. XR - our proprietary email software powered by Artificial Intelligence - boosts subscriber engagement and extends customer lifetime value through optimizing the entire email communication with your subscribers.
Companies across several industries including financial services, media & publishing, call centers, affiliate marketing and entertainment rely on iAge fully managed email solution and generate millions of additional clicks each month.
Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, iAge Technologies also have a development and customer success team in Moscow, and a growth marketing team in Poland.
At iAge, we have diverse backgrounds and skills, but we’re all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive marketing community. iAge Technologies pioneers Artificial Intelligence adoption among marketing teams across globe, and provides free consultation sessions to modern email marketers.