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Financial Services

Customers of financial services companies mostly find email as their preferred communication channel. Companies can easily personalise their communication with their subscribers and provide them with information about other exciting offers.
Cross subscription strategy:
Usually, email marketers in the financial services vertical have several landing pages. This strategy allows customers subscribe other landing pages so that the company can inform the subscribers about different lenders and offers. When applied effectively, cross subscription strategy helps email marketers decrease costs and substantially increase revenues.

Media and Publishing

Media and publishing companies aim to grow their audience and monetise their content. Email marketing is here to help with these goals with its proven 4,300% ROI compared to other channels.
Content recommendations:
iAge recommendation engines find the best content pieces for each subscriber based on their engagement patterns and past interactions. Leveraging data driven decisions eliminates the guesswork, and lets publishers have a 1to1 communication with their readers that leads to an increased lifetime value.

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Call centers

Call centers gather large amount of data about customers along with their email addresses. However, they don't properly monetise this data for several reasons such as not having an email marketing team or they don't want to allocate additional resources.

Working with leading call centers in the United States, iAge can help increasing the revenues up to 35% by leveraging email marketing channel.
Up-selling Strategy:
As customers are happy with the product or the service they purchased via call centers, they are more likely to learn more about the other offers. Call centers can use email channel to reach out to those customers to get the most out of their efforts.


It is crucial to have the attention of your subscribers in the entertainment vertical. Having catchy email templates along with personalised content helps companies achieve it. Due to the dynamic nature of this vertical, email marketers should pay attention to data management and organisation in order to send responsive activity-based trigger messages.
Multichannel messaging strategy:
Subscribers in this particular niche tend to be active on multiple devices. We highly recommend using gamification elements in the email communication as well as messaging via multiple channels.

Marketing and Advertising

Although social media and other channels have growing impact on brand communication today, 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred channel of communication. Customers tend to provide their email addresses to receive personalised messages about the products or services they are interested in.
Ad Emailing Strategy:
Advertisers can increase their ROI without sending overwhelming volumes. For each customer, AI can program a specific content strategy with the right and relevant ads. Having a personalised communication plan allows email marketers to increase revenues by achieving high CTR rates without potential deliverability problems.

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