Fully Managed Email Marketing Solution

Your Human+AI partner to secure your business growth and peace of mind
Nowadays, customers expect brands to deliver them a personalised experience to their unique preferences. As millions of data points flow into marketing databases, consumers want to receive contextually relevant messages which are responsive to their behavior.
It becomes more and more challenging for email marketers to continuously meet these demands from customers in today's fast-paced and competitive business environment.

iAge is here to take over your entire email marketing communication with your subscribers from strategy to execution.

Using XR, the AI-powered email marketing software supervised by our marketing experts, iAge Human+AI framework boosts your revenues from the email channel to the next level.
Content & design teams
Responsive and converting messages produced by our teams. No more headaches or waste of time.
AI-Powered email marketing software
Communicate with your subscribers through relevant, timely messages, and constantly optimise your campaigns.
Additional monetisation options
Through our advertisers and technology partners, iAge offers a number of additional monetisation options to get the best out of your marketing efforts.
Growth strategies tailored to your business
We define and execute the right strategies for your business to scale and optimise the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey.
Boosting ROI & decreasing email cost
Save your resources by getting the job done through AI-driven automation capabilities. Spend your budget wisely.
15 years of email marketing experience
Work with the campaign execution experts who know your business. Make sure that you will not waste your company's time and money so that your supervisors will be happy.
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Why you should choose iAge fully managed email marketing solution?

What you can expect from iAge in your first 3 months?

Once you give us a go, the first 3 months will be the trial period where we will plan and execute the strategy for your business growth. It's crucial that we build a good reputation for our clients during this time. Here is an example of the timeline and scaling up for a client at iAge that can send us between 5,000 - 10,000 profiles a day:
Month 1
Warm-up phase
- Configuration & onboarding
- Approval of content & design layouts
- Posting 5,000 profiles daily by the end of first week
Month 2
Reaching 500 clicks/day
by the end of the month
- Adding new content series and updating the current ones
- Optimising the sending process
- Posting 25,000 profiles daily by the end of the month
Month 3
Reaching 1,000 clicks/day
by the end of the month
- Review of the results and updating the content series
- Optimising the sending process
- Posting 35,000 profiles daily by the end of the month

How to get started with iAge Fully Managed Email Marketing Solution?

It is easy and fast getting started with iAge. We offer a 3-month trial period which will cover all your email marketing costs including marketing strategy, configuration, content creation, automation, maintenance & optimisation, and more. No long-term commitments, hidden fees or extra charges.
Book a free consultation with our team of experts
Help us understand your current email marketing efforts, business needs and goals
Send us your website(s) and past content examples.
Review the content strategy provided by iAge team
Sign the service agreement and complete the initial steps
Confirmation of the content strategy and design layouts
Start posting profiles to our system via API
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