Traditional vs. AI-Powered Email Marketing

How is artificial intelligence reshaping email marketing? Can AI be adopted in all companies that send emails? Could it improve customer experience in your business? We have prepared an easy-to-read infographic that explains all the main differences between traditional email marketing and the AI-powered one. Do you have more ideas that we can use in our next infographic? Let us know.

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In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to constantly look for new and improved solutions. With an increasing number of data points and sources, it is an immense challenge for modern email marketers. Brands get customer data from multiple different channels, their customers have various needs based on which stage they are at in the customer journey, they consume and react to different content and CTAs. It’s no longer a matter of writing one great copy that fits all your clients, it’s time to get creative and develop new ways of automating email marketers’ work.

We’ve gathered all most important differences between traditional and AI-powered email marketing. Are you already using AI in your daily email marketer’s activities? Or maybe you’re looking for solutions to improve your daily tasks and use your time for creative work? If you’d like to introduce AI to your company, here’s a great resource on getting started. Get in touch with us and schedule a demo session to find out more.

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