AI in email communications: busting myths with data

Every day publishers all over the world struggle with pressing questions like “What should we send our subscribers? At what time? With what frequency?” We have been analyzing user behavior patterns for 15 years and, through trial and error, we came to realize that granular segmentation can enable a publisher to provide each subscriber with an offer so well-timed and appropriate that they are extremely unlikely to refuse it. Relevant in every respect, such offers resonate with users and unfailingly stimulate an active response, which improves the overall campaign performance.

We also realized that such level of granularity could only be achieved by applying AI technologies to our email marketing efforts. AI does not need humans to decide which content suits each individual user best and how often it should be sent. It can do more than simply build email campaigns for each of the numerous audience segments - AI can develop and carry out personalized communications with individual subscribers, each with its own frequency and content.

We invite you to take a look at the results of our internal experiments and discover the benefits of emailing without humans.

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